2020 Wrapped for Podcasters: Your Year on Spotify

See how your unique stories kept us company and brought people together during a challenging year.

2 min readDec 2, 2020


While 2020 certainly hasn’t been easy, creators around the world have continued to do what they do best: share their voices and help listeners feel more connected through their stories. We’re excited to help podcasters celebrate what they’ve been able to achieve amid a difficult year–it’s time for your 2020 Spotify Wrapped for Podcasters.

This year, for the first time, Anchor creators can access their Podcaster Wrapped directly through Anchor. Once you’re logged in, just click the banner at the top of your dashboard and you’ll be directed straight to your Wrapped experience. You can also tap the modal in your Anchor mobile app. From there, discover the gains you’ve made in the past year and look back on the work you’ve put into your show.

As long as you have at least three listeners before October 31st, a Wrapped experience is waiting for you (full details for eligibility here).

Your 2020 Wrapped highlights all the ways your voice has connected with fans–be sure to share your story with listeners (and friends, and family, and whoever else!) to thank them for being part of your podcasting journey this year with #2020PodcasterWrapped. And don’t forget to tag Anchor when sharing on Twitter and Instagram.

Get your Wrapped by heading to your Anchor dashboard now.