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  • John Lagomarsino

    John Lagomarsino

    Head of production @anchor

  • Chris Bosco

    Chris Bosco

    Safety, fun, and learning (in that order)

  • Maan Najjar

    Maan Najjar

    Android Engineer at Anchor. Previously at Digg, Instapaper & NYTimes

  • Patrick Pierson

    Patrick Pierson

    Game junkie, mobile developer, beer enthusiast

  • Max Wendkos

    Max Wendkos

    Design and product leader specializing in behavioral science. Previously led design at Stash, Aaptiv, and Anchor.

  • Maya Prohovnik

    Maya Prohovnik

    I work at Anchor and I make stuff sometimes.

  • Nir Zicherman

    Nir Zicherman

    @anchor co-founder and CTO

  • Michael Mignano

    Michael Mignano

    Co-Founder, Anchor and Head of Podcaster, Spotify

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