Improve your storytelling with songs from Spotify

Here’s an insiders guide to mixing up your audio format

To help creators add more dimension to audio shows, Spotify and Anchor recently launched a new feature wrapping together talk and music. By combining your voice and unique commentary with entire songs from Spotify into one shareable mixed-media playlist, the possibilities for documenting the past, or envisioning a new audio future, are endless. This new tool is instrumental for storytellers of all backgrounds, genres, and at different levels of experience.

Share your narrative

How many times have you tried to remember the name of that ONE song to then share a memory about it? You remember where you were, who you were with and how you felt. You can share the nostalgic sides of your story now by adding full songs into the mix for context. Your narrative is not always just what you say, it’s how you say it — so say it with music now!

Go behind the scenes

If you’re a musician or songwriter, you can use music and talk to create verbal liner notes and bring dimension to your creation process and collaborators — expanding beyond words on album art or dedications on social media posts. DJ’s — you can now add song commentary to your best playlists, connecting on a more personal level with fans worldwide.

Make real connections

Building and creating stronger bonds has never been more important during this time and now you can engage safely and digitally with your audience while adding value through personalized content. Whether you’re supporting or leading a community of millions, or you just want to communicate with your family on a regular basis without giving a tech tutorial to your uncle, sharing music with talk segments can make for deeper connection points and conversation starters.

Collaborate with other creators

Feed off of each other’s creative energy by sharing music memories or making some new ones. For example, you could connect with that one friend you FaceTime every week and start an east coast vs. west coast hip hop battle, bringing in perspective based on your locations. Maybe you want to make a mixtape for that special someone and instead of writing on the CD in Sharpie, you could curate a thoughtful playlist with little love notes in between each song to share and update seasonally.

Show your process

The creative process is complicated, time consuming and nonlinear. Try using this new mixed-media tool as a way to dissect your creative process, get feedback from the community, or explore new ways of working. Dig into your back catalog or the archives of an artist you love to resurface key music moments, or show the evolution of a sound.

Grow your audience

With the new normal leaving us mostly inside — building and engaging with community can be challenging. A way to reframe this challenge is by thinking of it as an opportunity to connect more deeply and grow your audience. New formats like mixed-media can also uncover a layer of discoverability — putting this type of content on Spotify and in front of potentially new audiences. Track your growth with audience analytics on Anchor to better understand who’s listening.

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