Introducing Expert Opinions, a new daily podcast created with Anchor Interviews

A few months ago, we launched Anchor Interviews, a new feature in our app for iOS or Android that lets you call anyone, record the audio, and broadcast it to the world — all from your phone.

Because it’s so easy (the recipient just needs to answer the phone), it’s suddenly possible to secure all kinds of great interviews. On our end, we’ve been calling up world-class journalists and subject matter experts, and we’ll be highlighting our favorites in a brand new Anchor show called Expert Opinions.

Sarah Kendzior, an expert on US politics and a writer who’s been published in the The Globe and Mail, Quartz, NY Times, POLITICO, and more, spoke with us about Donald Trump Jr.’s recent admission about meeting with a Russian lawyer, and what effects that meeting might have on the Trump administration and the US in general.

David Wallace-Wells, a writer for New York Magazine, recently wrote a controversial article about the worst-case scenario outcome of climate change called The Uninhabitable Earth. We spoke with him about the article, the world’s reaction to his claims, and the realities and possibilities of climate change.

Veronica Belmont, an activist and longtime internet personality, spoke with us on July 12th (the internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality) about the values of an open web and her predictions for the outcome of the battle for net neutrality.

You can hear all of today’s news stories and expert commentary in the Expert Opinions station by downloading the Anchor app for iOS or Android. And, as of today, you can also find highlights of our favorite interviews with experts and influencers in the podcast version of this daily show.

And yes: the Expert Opinions podcast is 100% created and maintained in the Anchor app. (In case you missed it, we recently added the ability to launch a podcast right from your phone.) To be honest, we probably wouldn’t have been able to release this podcast at all if we didn’t happen to have this extremely easy way to do it.

So, to summarize:

  1. Anchor interviews are incredibly easy to use, and let you capture conversations with anyone, even if they don’t have the Anchor app.
  2. You should listen to Expert Opinions, available now on Anchor or in podcast form on Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music.
  3. You should also probably make your own podcast with Anchor; you can do it in one tap, right from your phone.

The easiest way to make a podcast

The easiest way to make a podcast