The Best Podcasts of the Week: August 27th, 2018

We love podcasts. Like, really love them. Each week we’ll publish a rundown of the best podcasts on a certain topic or theme. Some are Anchor made, some not.

Two Degrees of Peri Gilpin

A Peri Gilpin (aka Roz from Frasier) appreciation podcast. Join Kendra and Ken as they discuss what all the actors have been up to since Frasier left the air, the films and TV they’ve starred in since, and their mutual belief that Peri Gilpin was robbed of an Emmy.

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The West Wing Weekly

West Wing Weekly is a weekly deep-dive into one of the most beloved shows of the past two decades. Joshua Malina (who played Will Bailey on the show) and Hrishikesh Hirway (host of Song Exploder) discuss The West Wing episode by episode, dissecting the themes and narratives of a show that is just as relevant almost twenty years after it first aired.

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Trailer Made

In a world where movie trailers have reached new heights, two friends will talk about them…using microphones. AJ & Jim, two lifelong movie buffs, discuss and review over-the-top trailers of action movies and more.

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A Cast of Kings

Do you miss Game of Thrones? Us too, friend. Us too. Luckily, A Cast of Kings is here to fill the void in our lives. Unlike other Game of Thrones podcasts, A Cast of Kings focuses exclusively on the HBO show, so if you haven’t read the books you won’t feel left out.

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Theronathon is a journey through the career of Charlize Theron, where the hosts talk about the actresses’ career one film at a time. They discuss her critically acclaimed movies like Monster and Tully, and her more under-appreciated work like Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest. The hosts are also launching a new show called The Keanu Review, focusing on the storied career of Keanu Reeves. It will launch in October. Check out the trailer here.

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The A24 Podcast

We’ve featured A24 before, but this list wouldn’t be complete without them. Join the production company behind The Disaster Artist, Moonlight, and Lady Bird for interviews with actors, Q&A’s from screenings, and other audio experiments. Their newest episode features a conversation between Ethan Hawke and Alia Shawkat about their upcoming film Blaze, summers in Nova Scotia, art that tells the truth, and career advice from Steve McQueen.

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