What we’re listening to: IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON, BABY! 🏈🎙

If your fantasy football league doesn’t have a podcast, what are you even doing?

It’s week 3, and football is in full swing. For each week that goes by, we’re seeing more and more amazing football stations pop up on Anchor. Here’s a few of the shows we’ve been listening to, from fantasy advice and team gossip to insider interviews and pro commentary.

Listen in for inspiration and then create your own station for your fantasy league / favorite team / friendly smack talk — it’s super easy to get your podcast started with Anchor!

And when you do get started, here’s a cool thing. The crew behind Drop Kick Football sent us over a really cool interactive map they’re working on. They’ve started compiling football stations on Anchor and their respective locations so you can easily find coverage of specific teams or games (and listen right from there as you browse). Once you’ve got your own station is up and running, get in touch to have yours added and fill up the map!


The Kal & K.O. Show: Former NFL wide receiver Kassim Osgood (Chargers, Jaguars, Lions) and DJ Kalvin Reed discuss sports and life in between exclusive insider interviews with NFL players and experts.

Go Baller FFS: Lifelong sports journalists (who also happen to be father and son) Alan Dell and Chris Dell intensely debate the week’s hottest sports news.

Eat. Sleep. Fantasy: Climbing the charts and stealing your hearts 5 days a week. Daily fantasy football analysis and insight to help you win your league.

Football Fanatic: Superfan Jacob Gallipeau answers fantasy questions, discusses projections and analysis, and obsessively tracks his predictions.

If It’s Sports: Too busy to watch the game? Catch up with Josh & Trav as they break down all the latest sports action and analysis from the garage studio. ‬If It’s Sports, they’re talking about it!

The Football Station: An Anchor original bringing you daily football headlines throughout the season, from our very own Danny Hoyt (who also happens to be a host for the Super Bowl, LA Chargers Gameday, & Big 10 Tailgate).

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The easiest way to make a podcast

The easiest way to make a podcast