YES! Another shot at winning $1,000!

Almost like there’s a pattern here…

Remember last week when we gave away $1,000? And the week before that? And the week before that? Guess what? We’re doing it again. We can’t stop.

Anyway, the rules of are as follows: Get the most new listeners between today (12/11/17) and the end of the day on Sunday (12/17/17) to win $1,000 and promote your station in front of The Rundown every day for a week. Second place wins $500, and third place wins $250. Note: Only in-app listeners count, also this competition is US and Canada only.

(Hey, here’s a pro-tip we can provide after digging through ~the data~ from the first few weeks: The earlier you get on the leaderboard, the better your chances of winning.)

Congrats to The Greatest Voice on winning last week, you’ll hear his (greatest) voice in The Rundown for the next few days!

Here’s the full leaderboard at the time of last week’s contest ending:

  1. The Greatest Voice — $1,000
  2. The Music Hub — $500
  3. You Enjoy Life — $250
  4. The Outline
  5. The Crimson Kiss
  6. The Broman Podcast
  7. Sound Seekers
  8. Two Minute Stories
  9. Christmas Music Magic
  10. GrassFed Radio
  11. The Language Nerd
  12. Practical Life Tips
  13. SWMP Radio
  14. Avie Uniglicht Tech
  16. Leo Laporte
  17. Cold Storm Radio
  19. Moon Shade Radio
  20. Brain Barf
  21. The Crush It Zone
  22. PRetty Dece
  23. Xaviet
  24. Gadget Reason
  25. S.O. Entertaining

Congrats to the winners, we’ll be reaching out in the next few days to collect the info we need to send prizes out.

As far as this week’s contest goes, here are the full rules, and good luck!

The easiest way to make a podcast

The easiest way to make a podcast